Fourth of July

Fourth of July

I’m so in love with the light at my parent’s home in Sea Isle.  They have tons of big windows, and the open floor plan on the second floor just lends itself to amazing light almost all times of day.

2016-07-04 July Fourth 0062016-07-04 July Fourth 001

After breakfast we took a walk to the park, and Maddie got to climb around and swing on the swings.  She had a blast, and Mom and I loved watching her explore!

2016-07-04 July Fourth 013 2016-07-04 July Fourth 011

Fireworks were meant to be on the beach, but the night was rainy.  We didn’t think they were going to set the fireworks off, but right on schedule we heard the first explosions.  We could see the fireworks from the deck, and since Maddie was still awake we brought her outside to experience it.  I couldn’t get good focus on my camera (manual focus + no glasses = blurry photos), but I set it to some approximation of focus and handed the camera to my brother who captured this.  Sometimes, even a poorly focused photograph captures the moment perfectly.

2016-07-04 July Fourth 019

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